Fun (And Inexpensive) Items to Take Your Summer Photos to the Fun Level

After the first part of 2020, who doesn’t want to have a little fun while still social distancing. Photos are a wonderful way to get the whole family in on the action and leave some memories of the good times that this pandemic brought about.

I don’t know about you, but I am drawn to those fun-filled action shots at the beach, the bright colors of the sun and water and everyone laughing. One of the easiest ways to achieve this feeling of summer fun, is by pulling in some easy, and inexpensive, items.

Below is a short list of fun items that you incorporate into your photos to bring out the ‘fun in the sun’ feeling of summer.


One of the best signs of summertime it the classic red gingham tablecloth. Add this to a table and take a fun photo during an outdoor picnic.

Colorful Towels

Colorful towels can make a drab day at the beach extra sunny and full of punch. There are so many ways to use colorful towels in your photos, such as having the kids wrap themselves in them or even have the kids lay on them and shoot from overhead. Running in the surf with the towels flying behind them like kites is another great example

The Sun

Sunshine can add so much to a photo and create a fun and inviting atmosphere. Shooting midday and late in the evening at sunset can give you a wide variety of looks and feelings. Sunny photos are the epitome of a beautiful summer day.

Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like a double scoop of ice cream! Have the kids (and adults) starting eating it before it melts. Guaranteed to cause laughing, giggling, and a whole lot of smiles.

Drink Umbrellas

Who doesn’t love a fruity drink by the pool or ocean with a fancy, colorful umbrella straw?! Fancy straws add so much color and fun to any summer photo.


What is more fun that running in the surf or running under a sprinkler?! If given the chance, include water in some form in your photos to add a sense of summer fun. The only downside is getting your camera wet, so we found a great underwater camera bag that you can use to keep all your equipment safe and dry.

Colorful Pool Toys

Fun-filled days lounging in the water and along side the pool or surf. Photos capture the true essence of summer with these colorful, fun pool toys.